Eric Michael Roberts

Eric is the lead guitarist of The Moonlight Grahams.  Eric played his first gig In the 8th grade and yes, you guessed it right... it was Enter Sandman from Metallica.   After writing and recording his first single at the age of 16, he wen to to tour though college with the band Hermon's Dew.  Eric has a BA in music education and has spent over 20 years playing and producing worship bands and has published 10+ instructional books and over 1,200 YouTube videos for WTK publishing.  Currently resides In Thompsons Station, TN just south of Nashville with his wife Emily and son August.  

John McEachin III

John is the lead singer of The Moonlight Grahams. Growing up in Franklin, TN, he attended Christ Presbyterian Academy for 13 years and graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Journalism degree. With his degree, he minored in music and was classically trained vocally. He now lives in Spring Hill, TN with his dog Theo and holds a real estate license with Benchmark Realty.